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Stewart Interiors is a distinguished leader in commercial interior solutions, serving Scotland with unparalleled dedication.

Premium Interior Solutions with a Touch of Excellence

With years of experience, we specialise in transforming commercial spaces through a range of services including drylining, suspended ceilings, general joinery, hygienic ceilings, and wall cladding, to structural framing systems. As a premium company rooted in Scottish excellence, we commit to delivering top-quality service that brings your vision to life.
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Why Choose Stewart Interiors

With a rich Scottish heritage as our foundation, we pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made solutions that not only meet but exceed the unique needs and visions of our clients. Our unwavering commitment to premium quality, coupled with our dedication to sustainability, sets us apart as the premier choice for businesses looking to elevate their interiors.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on a transparent and collaborative process that ensures your project is completed to the highest standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the essence of commercial spaces across Scotland by delivering innovative, sustainable, and tailor-made interior solutions.


We are dedicated to implementing eco-friendly practices and materials in our projects, striving for a greener future without compromising on quality.

What we offer

Explore our range of specialised services tailored to improve your commercial environment

Tailored solutions that provide seamless finishes and superior acoustic performance. Our drylining services are designed to meet the specific needs of each project, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.
Suspended Ceilings
Enhance your space with versatile, aesthetic, and functional ceiling options. From classic designs to modern innovations, our suspended ceilings offer both style and practical benefits, including improved acoustics and energy efficiency.
General Joinery
Precision craftsmanship that blends function and design harmoniously. Our joinery services cover everything from bespoke furniture to intricate architectural details, all crafted with the utmost care and precision.
Hygienic Ceilings
Designed for environments where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, our hygienic ceilings provide easy-to-clean surfaces that meet rigorous health standards, making them ideal for healthcare facilities, laboratories, and food preparation areas.
Hygienic Wall Cladding
Offering a durable and hygienic solution for walls in sensitive environments. Our wall cladding services ensure a clean, safe, and maintenance-free surface that stands up to the demands of high-traffic areas.
Structural Framing Systems
Robust and reliable framing solutions that form the backbone of any commercial space. Our structural framing systems are engineered for strength, flexibility, and longevity, supporting the architectural integrity of your project.

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Our Approach to Excellence

We pride ourselves on a transparent and collaborative process that ensures your project is completed to the highest standards. From initial consultation to final walkthrough, discover how our meticulous approach sets us apart.
1. Consultation

Our process kicks off with a thorough understanding of your vision and requirements. This crucial first step ensures our proposals are perfectly aligned with your expectations, setting the foundation for a tailored solution.

2. Design & Planning

Leveraging insights from our initial consultation, we craft a custom solution that optimises both the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Our planning phase is dedicated to addressing every detail, ensuring a seamless execution.

3. Execution

With a detailed plan in hand, our team executes the project with unmatched precision. We adhere strictly to timelines and budget, with a focus on delivering superior quality and minimising disruption to your operations.

4. Final Inspection

Our commitment extends beyond project completion. The final inspection ensures every detail meets our high standards, followed by comprehensive aftercare to maintain the integrity and performance of your space. We’re here for any follow-up needs, offering support and advice to ensure lasting satisfaction.

Let’s Create Exceptional Spaces Together

Your project deserves the expertise and dedication Stewart Interiors brings to every space. Contact us today to start the journey toward transforming your commercial interior into a masterpiece of design and functionality.

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